Care For Your Eyes

Nowadays, we lives in digital media era . . . Wow!! It’s means everywhere we can see all people use multimedia such as handphone, smartphone, television, radio, computer, etc. Because of this, there are some problems in here. Computer Vision Syndrome is one of the problem.

So how to avoid that syndrome? How to prevent that syndrome?

  • Be sure your monitor is at least 50 cm away.
  • The brightness of the screen must be equivalent to the brightness of the room or you can use a screen filters.
  • Always ensure that the text on the white screen are black. Lighter coloured text will make the eyes work harder.
  • Take a five minutes break after working for an hour in front of the computer.
  • Remember to blink fully and often.
  • Take some a deep breaths to relax when you under pressure about your work or deadline. It helps.
  • Regular checks are vital for early detection.

Why we must prevent Computer Vision Syndrome? Because people who work with computers has an increase risk of glaucoma, especially in short-sighted people.

Glaucoma is triggered by high pressures within the eyeball. Short-sight has been identified in the past as a risk factor for glaucoma. That’s way, short-sighted people who were heavy computer users have a risk of glaucoma were 82% higher than normal people. And this eyes disease can lead to blindness.

Have a rest, Care for Your Eyes!!

Source : HSS /ophthalmologist




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