Autumn’s Concerto

Category : Movies

Autumn's Concerto

Genre       : Drama

Ren Guang Xi (Vaness Wu) seems has a perfect life but he lacks of joy in life until he meets Liang Mu Chen (Ady An) and fall in love each others.  Slowly, Guang Xi changes as Mu Chen teach him how to GIVE and LOVE. He has to go through a major brain surgery wich causes him to lose his memory. Mu Chen leave him because his mother. Six years passed. Guang Xi became a successful lawyer and engaged to He Yi Xian (Tiffany Xu); a beautiful doctor who took care of him after his surgery.

How will the couple (Guang Xi & Mu Chen) make up for six years of lost time?

Another Taiwan drama series starring by Vaness Wu, Ady An.

Honestly, I watch this movie because starring by Vaness Wu. He looks handsome here, I really like him in this movie (:

Wanna watch him too? Just take a look for MV!!




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