“The Billionaire” -Thai Movie 2011-

The Billionaire

Category : Movies

Genre       : Inspirational

“The Billionaire” is an Inspirational Movie tells about a Thai teenager who used to waste his time in playing online games until one day something happens that turns him into a billionaire.

Noted :

  • 16th years old – Get Hooked on Games
  • 17th years old – He dropped out of school to be a nut peddler
  • 18th years old – His family went bankrupt – debts of 40 million Baht
  • 19th years old – He created the seaweed snacks ‘Tao Kae Noi’ is sold in 3,000 7-Eleven in Thailand

And now He is 26th years old, earned 800 million Bath per year and employs 2,000 staff.

Hmmm,.. what a great movie, right?

This movie based on a true story about Top Ittipat – “Tao Kae Noi” Owner

Top Ittipat - "Tao Kae Noi" Owner











Premier in Indonesia – November 30th, 2011 at Blitz Megaplex.

Let’s watching the official trailer of The Billionaire :




22 thoughts on ““The Billionaire” -Thai Movie 2011-

    • Sorry, I don’t know for the link because I watch it at the cinema..
      I think if you watch it at the cinema, it means you appreciate the producer & director and all of the movie crews.. 🙂
      Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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