Red Eagle – Thai Superhero Movie

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Genre        : Action 
Red Eagle - Banner by kcgallery

Red Eagle – Banner by kcgallery

Directed & Written by : Wisit Sasanatieng
Starring by : Ananda Everingham as Rom Rittichai / Red Eagle, Pornwut Sarasin as Direk Damrongprapa, Wannasing Prasertkul as Detective Chart Wuttikrai, Yarinda Boonnak as Vasana Tienpradap, Jonathan Hallman as Singh
Film Business Asia gave the film a rating of three out of ten and called the film a “repetitive mess”, stating “the main problem is the raggy script, and hand-held direction.
Hah?! So don’t review this movie if it is not recommanded…
Wait a minute . . . First – Take a look this trailer; and than you decide to continue this review or not . . .
Red Eagle Poster
Ananda Everingham stars as the Red Eagle. The character was originally played by Mitr Chaibancha who died shooting the last scene in the 1960s film series of the same name. Everingham said that “if you know anything about the history of the film, well, you can understand that the role felt like it was big shoes to fill…” – Landreth, Jonathan (October 9, 2010).
Here’s the synopsis for The Red Eagle

In the year 2016, the streets of Bangkok are run greedy businessmen, corrupt government officials, and drug dealers. The city’s only hope rest in the hands of masked vigilante known as Red Eagle (Ananda Everingham). No one knows the identity of Red Eagle. They recognize his signature red eagle mask, red gloves, motorcycle, and the calling card he leaves behind after his murders.

Red Eagle is being tortured by his own personal demons as he fights crime and avoids the Bangkok police who are desperately trying to find out his identity. His task becomes even tougher when the crime organization Matulee hires a ruthless assassin known as Black Devil to kill him.

The Red Eagle had its world premiere in Bangkok on October 4, 2010. And it was released in Thailand on October 7, 2010.  The film had its international premiere at Pusan International Film Festival on October 10, 2010.

How do you think about this movie?  “A good movie” and “recommended” or “underperformed” and “disappointing”

I share about this movie because this movie was remake from the old one (movie series in 1960) to box office 2010.

Source : SIFF Review, Wikipedia-The Red Eagle




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