On The JOB -Philippines Movie 2013-

Category : Movies

Genre        : Action

“On The JOB”

Directed by : Erik Matti
Starring by  : 
Piolo Pascual as NBI agent, Gerald Anderson as Daniel as a hitman/professional killer, Shaina Magdayao as the daughter of a congressman & Piolo’s wife, Joel Torre, Joey Marquez, Angel Aquino.

Star Cinema and Reality Entertainment released the exclusive trailer of the “On The JOB” — an upcoming action-crime-drama movie at Cannes Film Fesival 2013.

Piolo plays an NBI agent — a son of an NBI chief — on the hunt for an escaped inmate who becomes a professional killer, played by Gerald as Daniel — unshaven and crazy-eyed, he sheds his “good boy” image to play this role.

Piolo’s wife is a daughter of a congressman, played by Shaina Magdayao.

As the plot, Piolo’s character is torn between his duty, his conscience and his family.

Cast & Crew OTJ – DIRECTOR Erik Matti (right)

“On the JOB” promises a different take on mainstream movies. A half long trailer is gritty, grimy, and scored to an upbeat, heart-pumping track. It shows familiar scenes of trains zooming over shanties, gloomy alleys, and the labyrinthian underbelly of Metro Manila.

This is the exclusive trailer “On The JOB” premiere at Cannes Film Fesival 2013

Source : GeraldAnderson.co.nr, Wikipedia-On the JOB 2013




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