2014 – Recommended Indonesian Drama-Action Movie

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Genre      : Drama-Action

2014″ is a political-themed film. It is very rarely produced in Indonesia. But that’s what makes this film unique and invite curiosity to watch it.

It’s about the dilemma of a young man, Ricky Bagaskoro (Rizky Nazar); torn between realizing her dream as a teacher or to the wishes of his father, a politician, Bagas Notolegowo (Ray Sahetapy) to study the highest order to follow him.

Bagas Notolegowo is struggling to become Indonesia’s president, replace President Jusuf Syahrir period in the general election, 2014.

Competition for the number one position in Indonesia is very strict. Bagas Notolegowo have to compete with other candidates; Faisal Abdul Hamid (Rudy Salam) and Syamsul Triadi (Akri Patrio). One time for taking a wrong decision, it make all her dreams shattered. And Ricky try to figure out the case.

Ricky met with Krisna Dorojatun (Donny Damara), an honest lawyer and clean that often wins humanitarian cases. Ricky began close to with Laras (Maudy Ayunda), daughter of Krisna Dorojatun.

In an effort to solve the case of her father, Ricky and Laras, often often created trouble, especially the Inspector Astri (Atiqah Hasiholan). It turns out there is a third party involved and make their lives threatened. Krisna predicted that the third party is a great strength. Who are they? Political Opponents? Or another parties? And who exactly Satria (Rio Dewanto), a young man who has always been in a lot of places in this case?

Cover from 2014 - FB Pages

Cover from 2014 – FB Pages

Directed by : Rahabi Mandra & Hanung Bramantyo

Produced by : Hanung Bramantyo

Written by : Ben Sihombing & Rahabi Mandra

Ben Sihombing, Rahabi Mandra
Rahabi Mandra, Hanung Bramantyo
Rahabi Mandra, Hanung Bramantyo

Starring by : Ricky Nazar, Maudy Ayunda, Ray Sahetapy, Atiqah Hasiholan, Rio Dewanto, Rudi Salam, Donny Damara, Donna Harun

Film ‘2014’ will be released on August 2013, but I heard about new annoucement- this film will be release on January 2014.

Whatever, I can’t wait this film!!

Recommanded Indonesian Drama-Action Movie 😀

Let’s watching the official trailer of 2014

Source : Sinopsis Film, Republika Online, 2014 Facebook Pages




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