Tatay/Itay means father –> ayah

Nanay/Inay means mother –> ibu

Anak means child –> anak (laki-laki/perempuan)

Lolo means grandpa/grandfather –> kakek

Lola means grandma/grandmother –> nenek

Apong Lalaki means grandson –> cucu laki-laki

Apong Babae means granddaughter –> cucu perempuan

Inapo means grandchild –> cucu (laki-laki/perempuan)

Tiyo/Tito means uncle –> paman

Tiya/Tita means aunt –> bibi

Pamangking lalaki means nephew –> keponakan laki-laki

Pamangking babae means niece –>keponakan perempuan

Kuya means brother –> kakak/saudara laki-laki

Mongha means sister –> kakak/saudara perempuan

Pinsan means cousin –> saudara sepupu

Ama sa batas means father in law –> ayah mertua

Ina sa batas means mother in law –> ibu mertua

Lalaki sa batas means son in law –> menantu laki-laki

Babae sa batas means daughter in law –> menantu perempuan


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